How to Find A Friend's Email

by braniac

Have you ever had your computer crash and lost all your email addresses? Or have you wanted to email a friend and NOT had the address. Emails can be hard to find. Try these tips to help you locate email addresses.

I always try googling the person who's email address I am searching. One never knows the articles or ways a person is listed that can help you find the email. I once located an email through the person's work.

Next check the obvious email directories. I always search yahoo, hotmail, MSN, gmail and aol. I try to hit all the big directories.

Next, check social networking sites such as MySpace or Facebook. That is a way to contact the person without knowing his email.

Also, has an email directory lookup. I have had success with that also.

Check out or has directories for e-mail,affiliations like occupation, school, or interests phone numbers, and personal Web pages. Bigfoot has about 8 million emails.

Items you will need