How to Find a Friend on AOL

by Ticara Gailliard

Exploring cyberspace can be more gratifying if you have friends along for the ride. You may want to send a friend an article or funny picture, or simply drop them a line and see how they are. America Online, also known as AOL, is an Internet service owned by Time Warner that combines email, chat, and browser into one. AOL also has a feature built in that enables you to search for friends who are also AOL users.

Step 1

Open your AOL browser. Let it load completely before trying to perform a search.

Step 2

Click on the "Community" link at the top of the browser if you have AOL 9.0 installed. If your AOL version is older than 9.0, click the "People" link.

Step 3

Read the drop-down menu and find "Member Directory." Click this link to open the member directory.

Step 4

Type in your friend's information, then click Search to see if he or she is listed.

If the person is not listed, check the Internet White Pages. Click "Community" again, or "People" if you're using an AOL version older than 9.0, then click "White Pages." Enter your friend's information and click "Search."


  • The easiest way to find a friend's email address if they are on AOL is simply to ask them what their address is.
  • Use your friend's whole name, city, and state when searching to maximize your chance of finding his or her email address.
  • Keep in mind that not every AOL member is listed in the member directory, nor is every email user listed in the Internet White Pages.

Items you will need

  • America Online software

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