What Is Freestanding DSL?

By Russell Huebsch

Freestanding DSL does not use a phone.
i DSL Modem Detail image by Rob Hill from Fotolia.com

In 2007, Earthlink began offering its own form of "naked" DSL (no telephony required) called freestanding -- in part due to AT&T offering the same service, according to "Information Week." If you want DSL without paying for voice service, consider freestanding DSL, if available in your area.


Freestanding DSL separates Internet and voice services -- normally packaged by DSL providers, according to EarthLink. Not having to pay for phone service can save users about $240 per year (as of 2010).


EarthLink only offers freestanding DSL in certain areas across the U.S., such as parts of California, Florida and New York, according to AllBusiness.


As of 2010, EarthLink freestanding DSL achieves speeds up to 3.0 megabits per second, but the actual speed depends on your location from EarthLink's central servers, according to EarthLink.


If you already have a land line, you must have another line installed because freestanding DSL does not work on an active line.