How to Make Free International Calls with Skype

By Morgan O'Connor

Call friends around the world for free with Skype.
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If you have used Skype much, you are probably familiar with its ability to make calls. While you can make these calls to landlines and mobile phones for a charge, it also lets you call other Skype accounts for free. This holds true worldwide; you can call your neighbor or your friends on the other side of the world without charge. If you wish to call people around the world at the same time, you can even make international Skype conference calls for free.

Step 1

Sign into the Skype account on which your international friend is a contact. If you do not yet have him as a contact, add him by clicking "Contacts" and then "Add a contact" and following the prompts. You must wait for him to confirm you as a contact before you can call him.

Step 2

Click the international contact who you wish to call in the "Contacts" section on the left side of Skype.

Step 3

Click the green "Call" button to call your international contact. Unlike calls with a regular phone, you do not need to enter a country code or any other information to identify the call as an international one.