How to Forward an E-mail Message

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When you forward an e-mail, you send a message you've received to someone else. Usually you can add your own message to the forwarded message before you send it. These instructions should work for most e-mail programs.

Step 1

Select or open the message you want to forward.

Step 2

Using the Message menu, select Forward, or click Forward on the toolbar. The message you received will appear in a new message window.

Step 3

Leave the subject field as it is or change it. The subject will typically be preceded by "FW:" so that your recipients know it's a forwarded message.

Step 4

Type the e-mail address or addresses of the recipients.

Step 5

Edit the text or add new text if desired.

Click Send.


  • The material from the original message is usually preceded by > signs in your forwarded message, to distinguish it from material that you add.
  • In the Eudora e-mail program, you can use the Redirect command in the Message menu to send a copy of the message instead of the original. Redirected messages don't contain the > signs that Eudora uses to precede forwarded material in a message.


  • Forwarding someone else's message without permission is viewed as poor Netiquette. In certain cases, it could also be a copyright violation.

Items you will need

  • Computer Desks
  • E-mail Accounts
  • Computers
  • E-mail Software

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