How to Format a PNY MicroSD

By Christopher Kennedy

Formatting a PNY MicroSD removes all data from the memory card and repairs any corrupt data that may exist on the drive. Once formatted, the PNY MicroSD card can be used in a cell phone, digital camera or other portable electronic device. Since formatting erases all data, it's important to make sure that all data on the memory card has been backed up or is no longer needed.

Insert your PNY MicroSD card into a memory card reader and then insert the memory card reader into an available USB port on your computer.

Click on the Windows "Start" button and then select "Computer" to locate the removable drive that corresponds with your memory card reader.

Right-click on the drive and click "Format."

Select the "FAT32" filesystem for high capacity drives.

Click "Start" to begin the formatting process. Your PNY MicroSD card will be formatted when the process is complete.