How to Format Memory Cards for the Nikon D60

By Art Corvelay

SLR cameras allow you to change the lens on the camera.
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The Nikon D60 is an entry-level SLR camera. SLR, or single lens reflex, cameras allow you to see exactly what the lens sees, which can help you take more accurate photographs. Pictures are stored on an external memory card for the Nikon D60. You can't, however, simply insert the memory card and use it. You must first format the memory card to make it compatible with the Nikon D60.

Turn the camera off and insert the memory card into the Nikon D60. To do this, open the memory card door on the right side of the camera. Slide the memory card with the front of the card facing the back of the camera. Close the memory card door.

Turn on the Nikon D60.

Press the "Menu" button located to the left of the LCD display on the camera.

Highlight the "Wrench" icon using the directional arrow keys. Press the "OK" button to select and open the "Wrench" menu.

Highlight "Format memory card" using the directional arrows. This is the second option from the top. Press "OK."

Select "Yes" when you see the message "All pictures on memory card will be deleted. OK?" The memory card is formatted and ready to use with your Nikon D60.