How to Format a Memory Card for Kodak Dx7590

By Irene A. Blake

The Kodak DX7590 Zoom Digital Camera is a 5.0MP, 10x optical zoom lens/3x digital zoom camera that features 32 MB of internal memory to store high-resolution pictures. The Kodak DX7590 also offers additional picture storage through its SD/MMC memory card slot via a Kodak SD or MMC memory card or generic brand SD memory card. When you insert a new memory card, you must format the card to work in your camera. Kodak has designed the DX7590 with a formatting submenu and memory card command within the main menu for quick memory card formatting.

Turn off your Kodak DX7590 digital camera. Turn the camera so that the LCD screen faces you.

Open the memory card door on the right side of the camera.

Insert your Kodak SD or MMC memory card or generic SD card that has the "SD" logo on it gently into the memory card slot until it locks into place. Close the memory card door.

Power up your camera once more and push the "Menu" button located between the "Delete" and "Review" buttons on the back of the camera near the bottom right corner.

Push up or down on the "Joystick/OK" button to highlight "Setup" on the menu, and then push the center of the button to select the "Setup" menu. Push the "Joystick/OK" button up or down again to scroll through the "Setup" menu and highlight the "Format" setting and icon. Push the center of the "Joystick/OK" button.

Highlight the "Memory Card" option on the "Format" menu and push the "Joystick/OK" button to begin formatting the memory card. Push the "Menu" button to leave the "Format" menu. Wait for the camera to finish and alert you when the memory formatting process has completed.