How to Format a D70 Memory Card

By Ty Arthur

Format a D70 Memory Card
i Nikon

The Nikon D70 digital camera uses a type of removable memory called Compact Flash card. When you take pictures with your D70 camera, the images stored are graphics files on the Compact Flash card. If your camera will no longer recognize the card, it may have become corrupted and will need to be formatted. When you format a Compact Flash card, it wipes the card entirely clean and restores everything to the original factory settings.

External Card Reader

Check the memory ports on the front and back end of your computer to see if it already has a built-in card reading unit. Acquire an external card reader if your computer does not already have one.

Compact Flash Card

Plug the external card reader into an open USB port on the computer if it doesn't already have a built-in card reader. Remove the Compact Flash card from the memory card holder on the Nikon D70 camera.

Insert the Compact Flash card into the corresponding port on either the internal or external card reader. Close down the window that will pop-up on the screen asking you what action you want to take without choosing any of the options.

Click on the "Start" bar and then choose the "My Computer" option. Look through the list of drives connected to your computer and find the drive that corresponds to the Compact Flash card from your Nikon D70 digital camera.

Right-click on the drive letter. Scroll down through the list of new options that will appear and select the option labeled as "Format." Click on the "Continue" button if your operating system brings up an extra window asking for your permission to open the Format menu.

Click on the "File System" drop-down box and choose the "NTFS" option. Leave the other options at their default settings. Click on the "Start" button to format the Nikon D70 Compact Flash card.