How to Format a Disc

By Art Corvelay

You can format discs using your operating system.
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Storage drives have evolved from floppy disks to CDs and DVDs. Both CDs and DVDs can hold significantly more data than floppy disks, making them a good choice for storing or backing up data. You may, however, need to format a disc for two reasons. First, some discs must be formatted before being used for the first time. Second, discs that are rewritable can be formatted to erase all of the data stored on the disc.

Insert a writable disc into your computer's disc-burning drive. Your computer must be equipped with a CD or DVD burner.

Click "Burn files to disc using Windows Explorer" in the dialog box that pops up when you insert the disc.

Enter a title for the disc in the "Disc Title" text box. The title appears each subsequent time you insert the disc into your computer.

Choose a file system format. You can choose from "Like a USB flash drive," which formats the disc in the Live File System Format, or "With a CD/DVD player," which formats the disc in the Mastered format. Choose the former if you are using your disc for storing files or if you have a rewritable disc. Choose the latter if you are using the disc to store media files.

Click the "Next" button at the bottom of the dialog box to format the disc. You can now burn files to the disc.