How to Format a Cruzer with a Mac

by Jedadiah Casey

Cruzer is a line of portable USB storage devices, otherwise known as "flash" or "thumb" drives, produced by Sandisk. When a Sandisk device is inserted into a computer for the first time, it is pre-formatted with the FAT32 file system. Sandisk chose FAT32 because it can be read and written to by many different computers and devices. You can format the Cruzer to the Mac HFS+ file system if it is going to be used exclusively with Apple computers.

Insert the Cruzer into a USB port.

Open the Disk Utility program, located in the Utilities folder under Applications.

Click the Cruzer in the left column of the screen.

Click "Erase."

Click Mac OS Extended (Journaled) under Format.

Enter a name for the Cruzer, or leave the default Untitled.

Click "Erase" to complete the format of the Cruzer.


  • close This process erases all existing contents on the Cruzer.

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