I Forgot My Security Question for My Yahoo Mail Account

by Paul Higgins

If you forgot both your Yahoo Mail password and the answer to your security question, you can reset your password and log in to your account either by using the Yahoo Password Helper tool or by sending a password reset request to Yahoo's customer support team.

Yahoo Password Helper

The Yahoo Password Helper is an online tool that lets you reset your password by sending a code to either the mobile phone number or alternate email address associated with your account.


  • You cannot use the Yahoo Password Helper tool if you didn't enter an alternate email address or mobile phone number when you created your account.

Visit the Yahoo Password Helper page, select I have a problem with my password... and click the Next button to proceed to the next page.

Enter your Yahoo ID and click Next.


  • Your Yahoo ID is typically the part of your Yahoo Mail address that is before the @ symbol. For example, the Yahoo ID for the johndoe@yahoo.com email address would be johndoe.

Please Verify Your Yahoo ID page.

Select either your alternate email address or mobile phone number — depending on where you want Yahoo to send the verification code — and click Next.

How Would You Like to Reset Your Password page.

Enter the security code Yahoo sent to your mobile phone number on the next screen and click Next. Alternatively, if you opted to receive the code by email, click the link in the message Yahoo sent you. Follow the onscreen instructions to reset your password.

Contact Form

Send a support request to Yahoo's customer support team by filling out an online form.

Visit the Yahoo Help website and select Password and Sign In from the list of topics.

Yahoo Help home page.

Select Unable to Sign In from list of sub-topics, enter your Yahoo ID in the field and click the Submit button.

Select Recover Yahoo ID if you do not remember your Yahoo ID.

Click the Email icon.

Yahoo Help home page.

Fill out the form and click the Create Request button. Wait for the Yahoo support team to review your request and send you an email with further instructions.


  • Enter Unknown in the Security Answer field and — if you do not remember the actual question — in the Security Question field as well.

Alternatively, enter your Yahoo Mail email address in the Yahoo ID field.

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