How to Force iTunes to Restore a Specific Backup

By Avery Martin

Regularly backing up your iPhone is the best defense against data loss.
i Prykhodov/iStock/Getty Images

When restoring your iOS device using an iTunes backup, the setup wizard prompts you with a list of the three most recent backups. You can select the backup you wish to use from the available options. Restoring a previous backup can help you to isolate and troubleshoot problems with apps and recently installed software that might affect the performance of your iOS device. An iTunes backup includes your settings, apps, data and other pertinent information. The backup doesn't include media files, but you can restore those by syncing with your iTunes library after the restoration process completes.

Step 1

Connect your iOS device to your computer, and then select the device when it displays within iTunes.

Step 2

Select the "Summary" tab, and then click the "Restore Backup..." button in the Backups section.

Step 3

Select the backup you want to restore from the drop-down menu, and then click the "Restore" button.