Fonts That Look Like Stitching

By Carl Hose

Font styles come in a variety of categories. Fonts that look like stitching or sewing work can be used as a logo for someone who does sewing and stitching for a living or to add a craft appeal to business cards or business stationery. You can find a number of stitching fonts available on the Internet for free.

Kingthings Xstitch

Kingthings Xstitch is a font that has a cross-stitch appearance. The font is easy to read and suitable for headings, logos and stationery. This font is also easy enough to read that it could be used for a body font. The font gets its name from the tiny "X" used to create the effect.

Needle Point Sew

Needle Point Sew is a stitch font composed of large stitching elements, making it ideal for logos, but not readable enough to use as body text. When looked at from a distance, the font has some appeal, but looking at it for too long or too closely will make the letters appear to run together.


Thread is a decorative stitch font used primarily for logos. Thread incorporates a graphic representation of a needle and thread for the capital "T," making it suitable when you need a visual effect (for titles and headings). It is not useful in situations in which you have text that you wish to be read easily, such as body text.

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home is a stitch font with a highly cross-stitched appearance. The font is similar to Kingthings Xstitch in that it uses an "X" to create a cross-stitch appearance, but it is much lighter overall and can be difficult to read if used frequently.

Zig Zag

As its name suggests, Zig Zag resembles a sewing machine stitch. This is an easy to read font and can be used for logos and headings. This font also works as a body font if used in moderation.

Scrapbook Fonts

Starry Stitch, Xstitch and Stitch Cross are three stitch effect fonts often used in scrapbook-making. These fonts work well for headings and titles, but they are also designed to work well for body text, making them both functional and decorative.