My Font Size Is Too Big in the AOL Browser

by Nicole Martinez

Because much of the content on the Internet consists of text, it can be frustrating if your font size appears too large or small. Large fonts may make it difficult to process large chunks of text, especially in the confines of the AOL browser and uncomfortable font sizes can cause strain to your eyes and headaches.

The AOL Browser

AOL's Internet experience is unique because the service provider does not just offer you a way to connect to the Internet. AOL is a program that includes a Web browser, instant messaging client and email service as well. You can use AOL's software for all of your Internet activities from the same window. AOL's Web browser, like other modern browsers, allows you to adjust the font size if it's too large or small for your liking. This can be especially helpful if the developer of the website you're visiting has made the font too small or large.

Changing Font Size

The easiest way to change font size is to open the AOL browser and press the "Control" key while pressing the "-" key on your keyboard. This reduces size while holding "+" and the "Control" key will increase font size. Similarly, you can hold the "Control" key while scrolling down with your mouse's scroll wheel to reduce font size. You can also use the "Zoom" option from AOL's "Edit" menu to switch between the preset font size options.

Permanent Text Size Change

Adjusting text with your keyboard or mouse will only affect the current page you are viewing. If you'd like to permanently change the font size of your AOL browser, you can do so from the "Text Size" option from the "Edit" menu. This will increase or decrease the font size for all text on every Web page that you visit. However, you can override these settings with the temporary method discussed for individual pages.


When you zoom the Web page in AOL, all elements will become larger or smaller, including images. Thus, you may find changing the text size from the "Edit" menu to be ideal to adjust only the text. Note that 100 percent zoom will show fonts at the size specified by the designer. You can reset your browser to its original font size by pressing "Control" and "0" simultaneously. AOL Help warns that the unit the designer used for font sizes may not be affected by these adjustments.

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