How to Find a Folder in Thunderbird

by Ray Padgett

Thunderbird offers a variety of folder options to help users sort email. One of these is nested folders, in which you can place folders inside of other folders. A disadvantage of this is that not all folders are immediately visible in the navigation pane, making it potentially difficult to find a particular folder if you have created many and nested them inside each other. However, there are several tricks you can use to quickly find a folder.

Find a folder in the left-hand navigation pane. For most users without too many folders, this would be the default choice. Because Thunderbird uses nested folders, you will want to click all the "+" boxes to open the folders within folders. When there are no more "+" boxes available, your folder will be on display.

Find a folder by searching for a message within it. If you have hundreds of folders, this may be faster (and easier on your eyes) than the first way of searching. Simply enter a few key words from a message contained in the folder into the search box. When you open that message, the folder will reveal itself in the lefthand navigation pane.

Find a Thunderbird folder from the Start menu. Because Thunderbird stores emails locally, a folder in Thunderbird will also be visible in Windows Explorer. You can search by folder name in Windows Explorer. Once you find the folder, you can trace it back through its nesting structure to find its location in Thunderbird.

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