How to Focus Blurry Pictures

By William Carne

A significantly blurry picture may not be possible to correct.
i Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty Images

A blurry image is a difficult problem to fix. When a photo is significantly blurred due to camera shake or motion blur, you may have very limited results when attempting to correct the problem. However, in many cases, if a photo is only slightly out of focus, it's possible to correct it using image-editing software. Thanks to the advanced technology present in many computer programs, improvements can be made with only a few clicks.

Open your image-editing software and load the photo you wish to work on.

Click "Filter," then "Sharpen" from the program's menu. You will likely see minor improvements to the image. Run this filter two or three times as needed but be careful not to overdo it. Extensive use of the sharpen filter can make the colors appear exaggerated and the image pixelated.

Click "Filter," "Sharpen," then "Smart Sharpen" for images where the normal sharpen tool is ineffective. The smart sharpen tool helps to eliminate various problems like motion blur, Gaussian blur and general lens blur. Select the problem that plagues your photo the most from the dialogue box's drop-down menu and make sure the "preview" box is checked.

Play with the "amount" slider and the "pixels" slider to see various results. When you've found the ideal combination for your image, click "OK" and save your file.