How to Get an FM Radio Station

by David Tate

How many times have you driven someplace new and wanted to hear a particular kind of music? The problem is you don't know where to look. Scanning through the entire FM radio spectrum can be painstakingly long. By the time you find a radio station you like, it could start fading out. You also might have to go through it several times since you might have missed the music you like the first time because of radio commercials. Luckily, there's an easy way to find FM radio stations wherever you are.

Navigate to Radio-Locator's web site (see Resources).

Enter your information into the data entry box. This will include the city name or zip code you wish to search for.

View the search results for the information you entered. This will include a list featuring radio stations' call signs, frequency, city of origin and format.

Turn on your radio. Move the dial to a radio frequency you found from the search results and you have your FM station.


About the Author

David Tate has worked as a laboratory technician for the last three years in the state of Michigan. He has a Bachelor of Science in both forensic chemistry and criminal justice.