How to Make a Flyer Template

by Launie Sorrels

A template is an excellent way to create several documents that consist of the same style, font and layout. A template is a single base document to add any kind of information to. This is great for keeping uniformity in the workplace. Templates can also be locked to not allow other users to alter their contents. This guide will show how to make a flyer template in Microsoft Word 2007.

Open Microsoft Word 2007 and select the top left-hand icon, which is the "Microsoft Office Button," which will open up a list.

Click "New" and "Blank document."

Click the "flyer" template in the left-hand column. Add only things that are not going to be changed often. The purpose of the template is to have a base document in which to add stuff later.

Click the "Microsoft Office Button" when the flyer is finished. Click "Save As." Click "Templates" under "Favorite Links" in Windows Vista, or "Trusted Templates" under "Save in" in Windows XP.

Name the template. Choose "Word Template" in the "Save as type" list, and Click "Save."

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