What Is the Fluid in Projection TV Bulbs?

by Ian Sandusky

Projection televisions utilizing a Liquid Crystal Display, or LCD, do indeed feature a 'fluid' inside the projector.

LCD Projectors

LCD rear-projection televisions rely on liquid crystal display mechanisms to project the image onto the screen, much like an inverted theater projector. The fluid composition varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, and is not user-serviceable.

Compositions of LCD Fluids

The fluid contained inside these LCD emitters are a blend of thermotropic, smectic, and chiral liquid crystals arranged behind a series of prisms.Thermotropic material is heated to achieve its liquid crystal state. Smectic technology employs a roughened electrically insulating surface, and chiral molecules cannot be superimposed on their mirror images.

Other Projectors

DLP, or Digital Light Projection televisions do not feature any liquid inside the projector. Cathode Ray Tube projectors, or CRT projectors, also do not feature any liquid inside the mechanism.

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