How to Flood Chat Rooms

by Emily McNair

Chat room flooding is a form of spam advertisement often employed by automated robots. It is typical to come across such practices in chat rooms, especially the ones associated with large sites, such as AOL. Chat room flooding has long been looked down upon as improper netiquette, and can result in the banning of the bot or user from the room; a report to the user's internet service provider can also be made as a consequence of flooding a chat room.

Step 1

Load your third party software. Many bot forms of software are available online for a minimal price, or even for free. Download and install according to the "readme" file that accompanies the software.

Step 2

Select the chat room or rooms you wish to flood. Create a username, if login is required.

Step 3

Join the chat channel, and boot up your third party software. Now pre-configure the software to deploy the message you want to flood the chat room with. Do this according to the software policies.

Following the instructions located in the "readme" file of the software, you can now deploy the software to flood the chat room.


  • Chat room flooding is considered a form of spam. It is not an effective way to advertise a product or promotion to users, and will generally result in the banning of your bot(s) from the chat system, and possibly from the entire website.
  • If you wish to promote a product to the Internet public, consider employing a more accepted method of advertising, such as banner ads or link exchanges.

Items you will need

  • Third party software
  • Internet connection
  • Computer

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