Flash Player Won't Work

by Mandy Brown

Flash Player is free software available from Adobe Systems. It is used for viewing videos and movies online. If you have problems downloading or using Flash Player, there are troubleshooting tips you can use to ensure uninterrupted viewing.

Previous Versions

According to Adobe, you should make sure your version of Flash Player is up to date. Not having the latest version can result in an unplayable video. If you find you have a less-than-recent version, close all programs and uninstall Flash Player.


Visit the Adobe download center and download the latest version. During installation, you may see a warning at the top of your browser screen, under your toolbar, that ActiveX controls have been blocked. Right click the warning and select the option to allow the content, or the installation will not succeed. Flash Player will alert you when there are updates to the version you have installed. Complete updates when prompted to prevent problems with playback.


If you don't have administrative rights in Windows, you may not be able to install Flash Player. Pop up blockers can cause Flash Player not to open, so check the security settings for your browser. Flash Player requires add-ons in both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, so download and enable them.

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