How to Flash Firmware on a Wireless Router

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Flashing firmware on a wireless router is a task you might perform for a number of reasons. A firmware upgrade can improve the router's security or give the device new features or enhanced functionality. Some wireless router products like those sold by Broadcom can be flashed with third-party firmware, such as DD-WRT and Tomato, which are free downloads. These and other similar upgrades can make a $50 router perform like a $600 router.


Download the latest firmware for your router model from the manufacturer's website, or download third-party firmware if your router supports it. Make sure any firmware you install is specifically designed for your router or you will "brick" the device, rendering it unusable.


Log in to your wireless router by opening a Web browser and navigating to the administrative IP address assigned to the router. Refer to your router's user manual for information specific to your brand and model.


Input your username and password when prompted, then navigate to the Administration tab or section


Look for a "Upgrade" or "Firmware Upgrade" tab, button or link. Go to this section and click on "Browse" or a similarly named button. Select the firmware that you downloaded.


Click the "Flash" or "OK" button. Do not interrupt the process while the router is flashing. Once the flash is finished, the wireless router will reboot with the new firmware installed.


  • close Never interrupt or stop a flash. Doing so can "brick" your router, rendering it unusable. It may be difficult or impossible to repair a bricked router.

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