How to Fix Yahoo! Instant Messenger Problems

by Amanda Kondolojy

Yahoo! Messenger is an instant messaging service that allows users to use their screen names and profiles from the Yahoo! network. Although this instant messaging service is fairly user-friendly and intuitive, there are some situations where you might have some trouble with Yahoo! Messenger. Fortunately, most issues with the program are easily fixed.


Update your software. Like other instant messaging clients, Yahoo! Messenger updates its program every few months and releases a new version. If you do not have the most updated version of Yahoo! you may experience crashes, sign-in problems or peripheral incompatibility.


Adjust firewall/security settings. A robust security suite may block Yahoo! Messenger's access to the Internet, especially if the program is not recognized as "allowed." Open your security software's options utility and find the allowed, white, or permissions list, and then make sure Yahoo! Messenger is added to this list.


Disconnect and reconnect peripherals. If you are using the voice chat or video chat functions in Yahoo! Messenger and you are having a hard time getting your peripheral to respond, close Yahoo! Messenger and then unplug your peripheral. Then plug it back in and restart the program.


  • close One of the advanced features of Yahoo! Messenger is the ability to share files. However, only download files from people you know and trust because viruses and malware can be transmitted that can cause Yahoo! Messenger (as well as the rest of your computer) to malfunction.