How to Fix an XD Card Error

By Andrew Smith

XD cards are memory cards that are mostly used in digital cameras. Users can store photos on these cameras and then use the XD cards to transfer the pictures to a computer. There may come a time when a "XD Card Error" message appears on the screen of your digital camera after you turn it on. This can be very frustrating, especially if you have a large amount of pictures saved on the XD card.

Stop adding files to the XD card as soon as you notice the "XD Card Error" message. Putting more photos or other files on your XD card may further corrupt the card and keep you from retrieving the files that are already saved on it.

Remove the XD card from the device and blow on it. Once you've done this, re-insert the XD card into the device. If you still get the "XD Card Error" message, you can move to Step 4. Otherwise, go on to Step 3.

Put the XD card into a different device. When you do this, the memory card may actually repair itself while in the device. Try placing the XD card into one or two different cameras or other devices. If the XD card works in one of the other devices, place the card back into the original device. If you still receive an error, the problem could be with the device and not the XD card.

Purchase and use an XD card reader. These devices plug directly into your computer and allow you to extract any files saved on the XD card. This may not completely fix your XD card error, but it's a good idea to save these files on your computer before you attempt any other steps.

Format the XD card. Formatting the card will restore it to the factory settings and allow you to start from scratch. Most XD cards can be formatted either in an electronic device (such as a digital camera) or on a computer. Read the manual for your particular XD card to find specific instructions for formatting it.