How to Fix a Missing or Corrupt Windows System32 Config System

By Bobson St. Pierre

Here's how to fix Windows system config errors.
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The "Win32 config" system folder and the files within it are crucial to the Windows Operating System's stability. If any of these files become damaged or corrupted, you likely receive error messages. Fortunately, Microsoft puts the files to repair these problems on the installation CD that comes with your operating system. The original install disk offers a quick way to repair the system. Damaged files are replaced in only a few minutes.

Insert your Windows CD into the computer drive.

Restart your computer.

On startup, look for the message, "Press any key to boot from CD" and press "Enter" on your keyboard. You should see the blue "Welcome to Setup" screen.

Click "Enter" on the "Welcome to Setup" screen. Read the "Microsoft Software License Terms," then press "F8."

Use your arrow keys, go down and select the Windows installation you want to repair.

Press "R" for "Repair." Windows will now start to restore the Win32 System to your computer.