How to Fix Windows Resolution

by Maureen Bruen

Fixing the Windows resolution to make sure the contents displayed fits properly on the computer screen is done by changing the monitor resolution. If your work requires multiple windows on a screen or you need better visibility for detailed graphics work, these issues can be fixed by changing the resolution. You can access the monitor’s resolution from the “Control Panel” or by right-clicking on your desktop. Both methods display the screen property settings where you can change your resolution.


Click "Start > Control Panel" and click on "Appearance and Themes" if you are using the "Category View" or "Display" if you are using the "Classic View" in Windows.


Click "Screen Resolution" in the "Category View" or click the "Settings" tab if you are using the "Classic View."


Click and drag the screen resolution slider to the left and right while watching the preview of the screen resolution change in the "Display Properties" dialog box.


Click "Apply" when you reach the desired screen resolution that provides the best window view and placement for the tasks performed on your computer.


Your screen resets to the new resolution and the "Monitor Settings" box is displayed. Click "OK' if the new resolution looks acceptable. Click "OK" again to close the "Display Properties" dialog box.

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