How to Fix Windows Installer Error 1719

by James Johnson

If you're using the Microsoft Windows XP operating system, there's a chance that at some point, you've encountered the following error: "The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed." This message is caused because of Error 1719 and can affect the installing and uninstalling of certain software programs. It's a good thing that this error can be fixed directly from an MS-DOS prompt with only a few commands.

Fixing the Error 1719 Issue


Navigate to your Windows Start menu and choose "Run."


Type "CMD" without the quotation marks in the RUN field and then hit "OK." The MS-DOS command window will now appear.


Type "msiexec /unreg" without the quotation marks and then hit "Enter."


Type "msiexec /regserver" again without quotation marks and press "Enter."


Type "Exit" to exit the MS-DOS prompt, and then go to the Windows Start menu. Choose "Turn Off Computer," followed by the "Restart" option. Allow your computer to restart, and the process should now be complete.


  • check If the process described above does not work, you can also reboot your computer into Safe Mode. Do this by pressing F8 at power-up and continue to press F8 until a menu option appears; then choose "Safe Mode." Once your Windows XP setup boots into Safe Mode, follow the steps outlined above.


  • close Beware of "registry fixes." While they may be effective, they should be chosen as a last resort, as an untrained computer user can cause operating system damage if the wrong registry files are deleted.

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