How to Fix White Noise in a Mic

By Greyson Ferguson

When recording audio on your computer or portable device via a microphone, you may notice some white noise in the background. Finding a way to correct the white noise with the mic is extremely important because the noise often is disruptive and may draw focus away from the primary audio. Reducing or eliminating white noise often is as simple as moving the mic to a different location or placing a protective covering over the recording device.

Move the audio recording indoors, if possible, or move the microphone away from wind currents. Wind and other outside noises cause a substantial amount of white noise during the recording process.

Place a wind screen over the microphone. The screen, a padded slip the covers the microphone, filters out the unwanted noise without reducing the audio quality.

Examine the cable connection that runs from the microphone to the recording device. You receive static and other white noise problems over the recording process if the cable is not inserted completely into the equipment.

Purchase and install an audio correction program, such as ProTools or Adobe SoundBooth. These programs feature white noise reduction tools to use after the recording process.