How to Fix a Virus That Is Blocking Websites

By Jay Darrington

i Sean Gallup/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Viruses cause a great deal of damage to your computer. Some viruses are designed to sit in between your computer and your Internet connection so that some or all websites that you want to visit are prohibited. This can make web surfing and research difficult, if not outright impossible. However, if this happens to you, there are some solutions you can try to rid your PC of the virus.

Using an Antivirus Program

Step 1

Download an antivirus program for your computer and install it. If you cannot download it on your computer, use another computer to download it and transfer the program over via a USB cable.

Step 2

Open the antivirus program. Most antivirus programs will immediately scan your computer for potential viruses. If yours does not, you will need to start the scan manually. Antivirus programs typically have a "Start Scan" button on their main windows you can use. When the program is finished scanning, it will display a list of viruses that it found.

Step 3

Have the antivirus software delete the viruses. Usually there will be an option on the screen that asks if you want to remove the viruses; click it. The virus should be removed.

Using System Restore

Step 1

Go to "Start" then "Programs," then click on "Accessories," "System Tools" and "System Restore."

Step 2

Select "Restore My Computer to an Earlier Time."

Step 3

Choose a point to which you want to restore your system. Ideally, you want to restore your computer using a point from before the virus appeared on your PC.

Step 4

Confirm the point you selected at the "Confirm Restore Point Selection," then click "Next." The PC will then reboot, and hopefully the virus will not be present.