How to Fix a VCR DVD Player Recorder (5 Steps)

By Greyson Ferguson

When your DVD recording is on the fritz you may find it impossible to record onto a DVD.
i a dvd-r disc image by wayne ruston from

A VCR/DVD player recorder is a combo device that not only plays both DVDs and VHS videos but records video content onto the two formats also. Typically, when you run into a problem with either the VCR or DVD portion of the device, both of the recording and playback features are affected. Thankfully, to correct both problems you only need one solution.

Step 1

Check the cable connections running in and out of the VCR/DVD player recorder combo. If the cables are not completely inserted into the ports on the device the the video and audio signal is not going to reach the VCR/DVD player.

Step 2

Insert a cleaning VHS tape into the VCR recorder. Press "Play" and wait for the cleaning tape to run across the heads in the VCR. This cleans off dust that may be stuck inside, preventing the VHS tapes from reading properly (and creating static during playback).

Step 3

Place a cleaning CD into the disc drive of the DVD player. These discs have small bristles on the bottom of the device and remove debris stuck to the lens of the DVD recorder. Press "Play" and allow it to run for a minute. You do not want to use the cleaning CD often as over time it wears down and scratches the lens of the DVD recorder.

Step 4

Spray compressed air into either the VCR or DVD recorder. If hair and dust is stuck along the laser, heads or lens that the cleaning equipment did not remove the compressed air simply blasts the debris away from the hardware, fixing the playback issues you are encountering.

Step 5

Check the DVD formats supported by the DVD recorder in the user manual. Many DVD recorders only support DVD-R or DVD+R. If you are attempting to use a DVD format not supported by the DVD player the device is unable to read the disc or write data to it.