How to Fix an Upside-Down Webcam Picture

By Aaron Parson

For a webcam built into a laptop, download drivers from the computer manufacturer’s website.
i Suprijono Suharjoto/iStock/Getty Images

Some webcams rotate and pivot, but if your camera produces an upside-down image even when you have the device right side up, the problem lies with either the camera's driver or your broadcasting software. Many camera drivers and broadcasting programs have options for flipping the camera image. If you don't have any such option enabled, reinstall the newest version of the driver, making sure you select the correct version for the model of camera you have.

Webcam Driver Settings

Some webcams natively include the ability to rotate or flip your image. If your webcam included a setup utility, open the program to modify its settings. Make sure options such as "Mirror" or "Flip" are turned off, and sliders such as "Tilt" and "Roll" are set to zero. If you don't have a setup program for your camera, access its options through a program that uses the camera. For example, in Skype, open the "Video Settings" tab in the Options window and click "Webcam Settings." Driver-level settings vary by camera, but it doesn't matter which program you use to reach them.

Broadcasting Software Settings

The program you use to broadcast your webcam feed might also include a feature for flipping the image. Make sure you have this option disabled. For example, in Open Broadcaster Software -- used with Twitch and many other streaming sites -- right-click your webcam in the Sources list, choose "Properties" and uncheck "Flip Image Vertically." If this option is already disabled, and all other attempts to fix the problem fail, enable the option as a workaround, flipping your image over correctly.

Identifying Your Camera Model

A webcam's driver controls how the hardware operates, so an incorrect or outdated driver can cause problems, including a flipped image. To download the correct driver, you need to know the exact model of your webcam. Run Device Manager from the "Windows-X" menu. (On versions of Windows prior to 8, search for "Device Manager" in the Start menu search box.) Open the "Imaging Devices" section. Make a note of the name of your webcam as it appears in this section. Some webcam manufacturers list specific hardware ID values for each driver. To find the value of your webcam, right-click the camera and choose "Properties." Open the "Details" tab and pick "Hardware IDs" from the Property menu. This value is displayed correctly even if you have no driver or an incorrect driver installed for your camera, though you might need to check the "Other Devices" section in Device Manager to find your webcam.

Reinstalling Webcam Drivers

After verifying the model of your camera, right-click the camera's name in Device Manager and click "Uninstall." Reboot your computer, and then download the newest drivers for your camera model from the manufacturer's website and install them. If your webcam included software, check the developer's website for an updated version.