How to Fix Uniden Cordless Phones With Caller ID

By Nina Nixon

Your Uniden phone has a 50-entry Caller ID, mute and hold functions, as well as an integrated answering machine. At times, the phone may not work correctly. Power, audio, and answering machine/Caller ID issues may arise. You can fix most problems without assistance.

Power and Audio

Step 1

Plug the AC adapter completely into the phone's base and wall outlet if the charge LED indicator light won't illuminate when you place it in the cradle. Wipe off the cradle and handset's charging contacts with a dry, soft cloth. Verify that the handset is resting completely in the cradle.

Step 2

Plug the telephone cord completely into the phone's base, and into telephone jack, then move the handset closer to the phone's base.

Step 3

Check for a dial tone. Use your cellphone to contact your telephone company for repair if you don't hear a dial tone.

Step 4

Re-seat the battery pack if your phone doesn't ring, but you hear a dial tone.

Step 5

Charge the phone for at least 15 hours if it doesn't ring and you hear a dial tone.

Step 6

Press the Volume-up key and listen for a higher sound level if the ringer sound is too low. Press the "Play/Stop" button after you hear the sound level that you want.

Step 7

Place the handset in the cradle or verify that it is not in use if you do not hear the phone ring. Press the "Do Not Disturb" button once to cancel the feature that mutes both the ringer on the base and the handset. Alternatively, turn this feature on, then off to verify that it is not stuck.

Step 8

Press the "Mute" button on the base if you don't hear the phone ring and "Mute On" is displayed.

Step 9

Move the phone away from nearby appliances and metal objects if you hear audio interference.

Step 10

Remove the handset from the cradle if you hear audio interference. Press the "Talk/Flash" button. Press the "Delete/Channel" button to reduce background noise.

Answering Machine/Caller ID

Step 1

Answer the phone after the second ring if the Caller ID doesn't display. Check with your telephone company to confirm that you have Caller ID service.

Step 2

Press the "Play/Stop" button to review some of your saved messages if the answering machine doesn't save a message. Press the "Delete" button during playback to delete message.

Step 3

Lower the message record time after you delete messages if the answering machine doesn't save messages. Press the "Clock/Menu" key and the Volume-down key at the same time. Select "Record Time." Press "Set." Press the Volume-up/down keys and select "1 Minute." Press "Set."

Step 4

Press the Volume-up key to increase the speaker volume if you don't hear any sound on the base unit speaker when you play back a message.

Step 5

Verify that your PIN code is correct if you cannot access remote call-in. Call from a touch-tone phone that can transmit tones for at least a couple of seconds.