How to Fix a Toyota CD Player

By Keith Patrick

Many Toyota CD players can hold up to six discs.
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Most Toyota models since the late '90s have included CD players. Some Toyota cars, such as the 2011 Camry XLE, hold up to six discs at once. Common problems with Toyota CD players include jammed discs, unreliable sound and power failure. All of these issues can be fixed by the car owner without any advanced technical knowledge. Follow a few steps to help you diagnose and solve your CD player problem.

Test the Toyota's speakers using a different audio input. The Toyota's speakers may be the real problem instead of the CD player. Turn on the radio unit and turn up the master volume knob. If you hear audio, then the issue lies with the CD player.

Examine the CD Player wiring under the dashboard. Use a flash light to check all wires connecting to the CD deck under the dashboard. Any wires that appear loose or worn down should be re-soldered or replaced. Look closely at the point where the wires all combine into one large group. Wires often can be sharply bent or frayed at this point.

Clean the CD player's laser lens with a cleaning disc. Dust and dirt collect on the laser lens over time, and this can cause the CD to skip. Insert CD cleaning disc into the CD player. Press the "Play" button on the device and wait for the CD to play all the way through.

Remove a jammed CD by using the Toyota's ignition. Insert your car key into the ignition. Turn the key to the "ACC" position. This position will power up internal stereo lights on your car. Hold down the "Open/Eject" button for 15 seconds. The CD will automatically eject from device.

Move the Toyota vehicle into a cool environment. The CD player may have overheated if it has been overused or exposed to outside temperatures. Park your car into a cooler environment, such as a garage. Let the CD player sit for 30 minutes before attempting to restart it.