How to Fix Task Manager

by Contributor

Task Manager is a programming software that is automatically installed on every computer to give the user control over monitoring, opening and closing program files in use. You can access your computer's task manager even when all the open programs or windows on your computer are frozen or not responding. All the programs that are currently running on your computer are displayed in Windows Task Manager, where you can choose to end programs. At times, when other programs are frozen, the task manager may experience difficulty performing the "End Task" function when shutting down individual running programs.

Open the Windows Task Manager by holding the Ctrl and Alt buttons and pressing the delete button simultaneously. If another task manager is already open and not responding, this will open a duplicate task window displaying all open programs and the previously opened frozen Task Manager. If another Windows Task Manager opens and functions properly, proceed to Step 2.

Check the status of all open tasks and try clicking "End Task" for each program that is not responding, including the Windows Task Manager that is not responding. This will close all unresponsive programs; after confirming "End Now" your desktop or laptop should resume normal activity, but if not, move on to Step 3.

Hold the Ctrl, Alt and Delete buttons down simultaneously to manually restart your computer. This will reboot your hard drive and should completely end all programs and fix the unresponsive Windows Task Manager.

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