How to Fix the T-Mobile Phone Tap Screen When Its Cracked

By Mike Johnson

A T-Mobile service representative may be able to help you.
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T-Mobile is a company that offers consumers cell phone equipment and service plans. One type of cell phone that you can purchase through T-Mobile is one that includes a tap screen, which can also be called a touch screen. If the screen of your T-Mobile phone becomes cracked, then you do not have a lot of options to get it fixed. It's not the type of damage you can fix yourself; and since it is a physical damage, it is not covered by the warranty that came with the phone, and it cannot be exchanged.

Call the insurance provider for your T-Mobile tap screen phone if you purchased the insurance plan with the phone. The insurance is offered by Asurion and the contact number if 1-866-268-7221.

Explain the type of damage to your T-Mobile phone to the Asurion representative. The representative will help you file the claim and get a replacement T-Mobile phone. You must have either the Premium Handset Protection Bundle or the Premium Handset Protection Insurance through Asurion to get a replacement phone for a cracked tap screen. A Premium Handset Protection Warranty alone does not cover physical damage to the phone.

Log into your "My T-Mobile" account if you do not have insurance protection through Asurion for your tap screen phone.

Search for your phone model once you're in your "My T-Mobile" account. You might be eligible for a free phone or discounted rate, such as if you are due to renew your contract. Without insurance, replacing your phone is the only other option T-Mobile gives to fix the cracked tap screen.

Contact a T-Mobile service representative if you have questions at any time throughout the process. A representative can be contacted by calling 1-800-866-2453.