How to Fix System Restore for Free

by Jason Gabriel

System Restore, first introduced in Windows XP, is a tool that allows one to restore one's Windows to a prior state. When System Restore is active, Windows will periodically--generally whenever a program is installed or a major setting is changed--create restore points; users can later choose to revert the computer's files and settings to the state in which they existed at the time any restore point was created, should they so choose. This can be very useful if one finds one's computer in a damaged state, as one can simply restore one's system to a prior state. However, System Restore, as with any other function of Windows, can itself become damaged.

Open the "Start" menu, then find the text entitled "Accessories" and scroll your cursor over it.

Select "Windows Explorer" in the "Accessories" menu.

Click on "Tools" in the top-left of the Windows Explorer window, and select "Folder Options."

Click on the "View" tab. Scroll down the list until you see the option entitled "Hidden Files and Folders." Make sure that "Show hidden files and folders" is selected.

Close the "Folder Options" window by clicking on the "OK" button.

Expand your hard drive folder and click on "Windows," on the directories list at the left side of your Windows Explorer window.

Scroll down to the "inf" folder and click on it.

Find the file entitled "sr.INF" (depending on your file settings, it may simply be called "sr"). Right-click on it and select "Install."

Proceed through the install process.

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