How to Fix Swann Wireless Cameras

By Nina Nixon

Some common problems with Swann wireless cameras include a blank picture, lines in pictures and unclear images. Many causes of display issues are due to an incorrect receiver placement or channel selection. Other reasons can be traced to how the camera is powered. Many of these issues can be corrected by making a few minor adjustments, which you can apply yourself without needing professional assistance. A few tips may just be all that you need to fix your Swann wireless camera.

Turn the receiver on.

Check that the Receiver's A/V connection is not in the "Audio Out" socket.

Set the receiver to channel 1 to fix blank picture problems or to channel 3 to fix quality issues, such as lines and unclear images. Toggle between these two channels to determine which one works best for your specific Swann wireless camera model.

Plug the camera in or tighten the power connection to verify that the camera is receiving power.

Readjust the antennas until the reception becomes clear.

Move away other wireless equipment that could interfere with the camera. For example, wireless baby monitors, cordless phones, and wireless networking equipment may contribute to blurred images. If problems still persist, contact Swann Security Tech Support.