How to Fix Startup Program Problems on My Laptop

by Kefa Olang

Startup programs are system components and applications that launch automatically when you start your computer. They consist of programs such as drivers, security tools and more. Other programs such as messenger and software updater applications also launch automatically by default. Fixing and managing your startup programs boosts startup and shutdown speeds and frees up system RAM (Random Access Memory) vital for computer performance.


Click the Windows "Start" menu and click "Run (Windows XP) or "Start Search" (Windows Vista and 7)


Type "msconfig" (Without quotes) and press "Enter" to launch the Systems Configuration Utility.


Click the "Startup" tab. Place a check on all the programs you want to launch automatically at computer startup. Make sure to check vital programs such as Antivirus and Firewall programs.To free-up system memory, do not place a check on items such as messenger programs or software updaters. Because these applications consume volumes of memory, you should manually launch them when you need them.


Click "Apply" to save the changes and click "OK" to close the Systems Configuration Utility. When prompted, restart your computer.

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