How to Fix Sound for RealPlayer

by Kahlea Pendleton

If you cannot hear the audio playback when you play a file with RealPlayer, you can fix this problem by using certain steps to recover your sound. You can also make sure that your sound card drivers are installed properly by closing other programs

Check to see if your sound card and sound driver is installed correctly. Click on the "Windows" button on the bottom left side of your Windows taskbar. Scroll and click on "Control Panel" and then click "System Maintenance." Click on the "Device Manager" button. Click on the "Plus" sign that is next to the sound, video and game controllers. Right click the sound card you are using and then click "Properties." To make sure that the Device status says "This device is working properly," click on the "General" tab.

Check to make sure that your volume is not muted or too low. If your volume control dialog box does not display the Volume Control or Wave sliders, you need to add them. To add them, double click the "Speaker" icon and then select the "Options" menu. Choose "Properties." Under "Show the following controls" section, make a check for "Volume Control and Wave" and then click "OK."

Determine if the problem is with the specific file that you're trying to upload. To make sure that it is not the file itself that has the problem, try playing a sample file that is provided with RealPlayer. Click on the "Start" button on the bottom left side of the taskbar and then click on "Find." Under "For Files and Folders," type in "videotest.rm" and then click "Search." Click on "videotest.rm" file. If you are able to hear this particular audio, then the problem may be with the original file that you were trying to play.

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