How to Fix the Sound in an MOV File

By Ray Padgett

The sound on an MOV file can break from several reasons, but the most likely (and the easiest to fix) is simply that the program you are using to play it is incompatible with the file type. MOV files are QuickTime-based files, so trying to play them with a program like Windows Media Player often leads to errors. If trying a player like QuickTime or the free VLC fails, converting the MOV file to another file type is another approach to alleviate errors.

Use Quicktime or VLC

Download and install QuickTime. Click on the link in the Resource section.

Open your MOV file using QuickTime. If it works, great. If it tells you it needs to repair the file or download a new codec, follow the on-screen instructions. If it simply gives you an error message or you still cannot get sound, read on.

Download and install VLC. Click on the link in the Resource section. VLC is a free program with the reputation of being the media player that can play the widest variety of files .

Open the file with VLC. If it gives you a message about repairing the file, click on "Repair."

Convert the File to AVI

Download the free MOV to AVI Converter program. Click on the link in the Resource section.

Open the program (no installation required), and drag-and-drop your MOV file into the main window. Alternatively, you can open your MOV file by selecting "Open" from the "File" menu.

Look over the various settings displayed on the screen. All but the most advanced users should leave the settings at their default position of "Auto."

Click on the blue "Convert" button at the top of the screen. A progress window pops up. When it notifies you that the conversion is complete, open your new AVI file, and see if the sound works. By default, the file is in the same folder as the original MOV file.