How to Fix Sound Delay on YouTube

By Brandon Getty

YouTube is a great resource for video sharing.
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Whether you're a tech blogger uploading your latest gadget review or a proud parent sharing footage from your child's first soccer game, YouTube will be the likely host of your video content. Once your original file is converted to YouTube's Flash video format, you'll be able to share it with the masses. However, sometimes a glitch in the upload process can cause the audio and video in your file to fall out of sync. You can fix this by removing the video, checking the master file and re-uploading it.

Step 1

Close all other open tabs and other intensive programs or applications. Refresh the YouTube page and allow the video to load fully before playing it. If the audio is still delayed, proceed to the next step.

Step 2

Log in to your YouTube account. Select your username in the upper-right corner. Click the "Videos" link to access all of your uploaded content.

Step 3

Select the video that is playing out of sync. Click the "Actions" menu and select "Delete" from the drop-down list. Select "Continue" to proceed with deletion.

Step 4

Open your original video file using your preferred media player. Ensure that the video and audio tracks are in sync and that the file plays correctly all the way through. If it doesn't, the issue is with your original recording. Re-record your content if necessary.

Step 5

Select the "Upload" option on your YouTube account. Browse to the location of your original or re-recorded file. Double-click the file to begin the upload process.

Step 6

Add a title, tags, a description and other information to your video file. Allow YouTube time to process the file and add it to your profile.

Step 7

Watch the new file and ensure that it plays correctly all the way through.