How to Fix Software for PC Problems

By Bonnie Conrad

These days most of us are increasingly reliant on our computers, and when something is not working right we want to get it resolved as quickly as possible. No matter what kind of computer you are using or what you use it for, software problems can be extremely frustrating. Having some basic software troubleshooting skills in place will make it a lot easier to get your PC running smoothly as fast as possible.

Determine which software program is causing the problem. Sometimes this will be obvious, but at other times it may be a bit more difficult. If a particular program keeps crashing you can be fairly certain that is the program with the problem. If your entire PC keeps freezing or shutting down you will need to investigate further.

Open Task Manager by right clicking on your toolbar. Look at the Applications tab to see if any programs report a status of Not Responding. If you see an unresponsive program you will need to look more closely at this program.

Open Event Viewer by opening up the Control Panel, clicking on Administrative Tools and then on Event Viewer. Highlight the Applications panel and look for items with a yellow question mark or a red exclamation point. Open those items and follow the links to the appropriate Microsoft article. Follow the instructions you find there to resolve the issue.

Find the original installation disk for the problematic software program. Then open the Control Panel, choose Add or Remove Programs and choose the appropriate program from the list. Highlight the program and click Change. When the dialog box comes up choose the Repair option. Keep the installation disk handy in case you need it during the repair process.

Repair the unresponsive program and restart your PC. Your program should now function as intended.