How to Fix SMTP & POP3 Servers

by Matthew Fortuna

SMTP and POP3 servers are essential to many email programs, and are the driving force behind your ability to send, receive and save emails. These servers often encounter frustrating errors, and must be fixed before you can regain your emailing capabilities. Fixing these POP3 and SMTP severs can be as simple as a few tweaks within your settings, and will likely only take you a few minutes.

Make sure that your Internet connection is active and working by opening any web page. If it is not, your server problems may be because your Internet is not active.

Click the "Tools" menu in your email server and click on "Accounts" within this menu.

Click the "Mail" option in your "Accounts" menu and click on the server that you are having troubles with in the list that is populated.

Click "Properties" in your specific server's menu and click "Servers."

Change the tabs that read "Incoming Mail (POP3)" and "Outgoing Mail (SMTP)" so that they read the name of your email address.

Click "Apply" and click "OK" and test your email by sending a message to yourself to see if it works.

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