How to Fix a Slow Internet Connection on AT&T's 2Wire

By Joshua Benjamin

Your SSID password is your WEP or WPA/WPA2 passphrase.
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Slow connection speeds on AT&T's 2Wire modems or basic DSL connections are usually indicative of a problem on the user's side of things, rather than with the actual DSL service. There are a variety of reasons why your 2Wire may be running slow, most of which have relatively simple fixes once you know the problem. Of course, just because the problems are usually on the user's end doesn't mean that that is always the case, either.

Step 1

Check all of the computers connected to the 2Wire DSL modem. One of the simplest causes of slow connection speeds is one computer on the network draining the connection either through streaming movies or audio, or just because the computer is crammed with malware. Disconnect each computer in turn from the network to see if your connection speed improves without said computer's connection.

Step 2

Unplug the 2Wire modem from the wall socket. Occasionally, the modem itself will start to act up. Resetting the modem when this happens will often clear up the problem.

Step 3

Leave the modem disconnected for a 30-count, then plug it back in. Check your Internet connection after this to see if the problem has resolved itself.

Step 4

Call AT&T customer service (1-877-937-5288) and speak to a customer representative about your problem. You may have received a defective modem--in which case AT&T can replace it for you--or the problem may be with AT&T's DSL service rather than on your end.