How to Fix a Sandisk SD Card

by Jacob Stover
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SD cards can offer a great deal of convenience when working with electronic gadgets, offering plenty of additional storage space for cameras, phones and gaming systems. An SD card can quickly become a necessary item. If you've recently begun to experience problems with your Sandisk SD card, you may need to format it in order to return it to working condition. Thankfully, formatting an SD card takes only a few seconds and should solve most problems associated with inaccessible memory.

Step 1

Insert your Sandisk SD card into your SD-to-USB converter; if your computer already has an SD card slot, simply insert the SD card directly into your computer

Step 2

Power up your PC. When the computer has finished loading, insert your SD-to-USB converter into your computer's USB port.

Step 3

Open Windows Explorer, and locate the SD card. You should see it under "Removable Storage."

Step 4

Right click your SD card, then locate the option "Format" in the right-click menu.

Select "Format" to open the formatting wizard. In the formatting window, select "Quick Format," then select "OK" to automatically format the SD card. It should now appear as an empty drive.


  • If your SD card is physically damaged in any way, do not attempt to insert it into your computer or converter. It may not be repairable in its state, and could damage your other peripherals.


  • If there is still data accessible on the SD card, you may wish to copy it to your computer before formatting the card. Any data left on the card will be erased once the formatting process is complete.


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