How to Fix Runtime Error 52

by Gigi Starr

According to computer support site Computer Hope, when a user encounters a runtime error, it's usually due to a conflict with a terminate-and-stay resident (TSR), computer virus, memory problem or software issue. "Runtime error 52: bad file name or number" is a program error that stems from an outdated or buggy file. This runtime error can cause a program to stop running completely, or may prevent loading altogether. However, it's not a "Blue Screen of Death" cataclysmic problem and may be easily fixed with some simple computer work.


Update all patches and software through the manufacturer's site or software disc. One file may have become corrupted, or there may be a bug that the manufacturer has fixed. Often, updating the program is enough to get rid of a runtime error 52.


Uninstall the program that is causing the error and reinstall. If it's an operating system runtime error 52, it'll be necessary to reinstall the entire OS from scratch. Be sure to back up data files before uninstalling or reinstalling software.


Uninstall all new programs that connect to the program with the runtime error, then try launching the program again. If the error persists, keep troubleshooting. If it's gone, then the add-on program software may need reinstallation.


Contact the manufacturer if the runtime error 52 persists. A support technician may need to examine the problem and recreate the error to find a solution.

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