How to Fix Harmony Remote Lights With a Blank Screen

By Steven French

A Harmony remote can control multiple devices in your home theater setup.
i Stockbyte/Valueline/Getty Images

Logitech Harmony remotes are highly-customizable and can be programmed to operate nearly any function of a home theater system, for example. The remotes include firmware that helps them process the correct commands once a button is pressed and send the signal to the device. If your Harmony remote turns on to a blank screen, you may need to restore this firmware to get it working properly again. The restore process is similar for all Harmony remote models.

Turn off the remote and remove the batteries.

Hold the "Off" button on the remote while you replace the batteries. Continue holding the "Off" button for 10 seconds. The remote should display the words "Safe Mode" on the screen.

Click the Harmony remote software icon on your desktop or click "Start" followed by programs. Log in with your user name and password.

Click the "Downloads" button, then the "Firmware" button and follow the onscreen prompts to begin the firmware upgrade process.

Connect the USB cable to your remote and to your computer when you are prompted to do so by the software. Click "Next."

Click "Update Remote" when the firmware is done upgrading. Disconnect the remote from your computer.