How to Fix a Recovery Disk That Is Full

by Nina Nixon

Advanced preparation can make a sizable difference when it comes to freeing up space on a full recovery disk. The Windows default setting allows up to 30 percent of space to be used on a backup disk. This means that older backups will remain on the recovery disk until they are deleted by you or overwritten when additional backups are made. However, you can streamline your backup process and add more available space to recovery disks by default. This is accomplished very quickly by changing the Backup and Restore settings on how to best manage space.

Insert the recovery disk in the appropriate drive.

Click the "Start" button and then click "Control Panel."

Click the "Backup and Restore" icon and then click "Manage Space." Type in your administrator password or provide confirmation, if prompted.

Click "Change settings" under System image and then click "Retain only the most recent system file backup created on [date/time] image backup only." Click "Delete" twice to confirm the deletion.


  • check Use high capacity storage devices or network locations to save your system image recovery backups.

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