How to Fix Your MP3 Tags Automatically (5 Steps)

By Will Conley

i Jochen Sand/Photodisc/Getty Images

You can fix your MP3 tags, also known as ID3 tags, using your existing music manager on your computer. All you need is the latest version of your music manager of choice, some MP3s whose tags you would like to fix and access to the Internet so that your music manager can look up information related to your MP3s. There is no need to install any new software, but you can find a standalone automatic ID3 tag editor (free to download) at

Step 1

Launch your music manager of choice. We will use Windows Media Player as an example, as it is one of the most common music managers, and its MP3 tag-fixing functions are similar to other media programs.

Step 2

Add the MP3 files to your music manager's library. In Windows Media Player, go to File > Manage Libraries > Music and add the folders and MP3 files of your choice.

Step 3

Allow a few minutes for your music manager to index the MP3 files from your hard drive.

Step 4

Open your music manager's library and highlight/select all the MP3s for whose tags you wish to fix automatically.

Step 5

Give your music manager permission to search your entire MP3 library and look up all their related tag information on the Internet. To do this in Windows Media Player, go to Tools > "Apply media information changes." This fixes your MP3 tags on your hard drive.